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2365Re: [pittscomicon] Pittsburgh ComiCon Plan

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  • D Griff
    Feb 24, 2010
      I know what you mean about asking for a sketch except for Jim Balent who is fantastic at doing whatever you want...I asked Terry Austin there one time if you could do a wolverine for me..He took my book and drew a damn Popeye and then he told me after he was done very rudely that he does what he wants and doesn't take request..What an ahole..Frank Cho is another ahole too got the same vibe off Adam Hughes also....But Scott McDaniel is another kool guy like Jim...He did two sketches for me Batman and Hulk...Really awesome guy..I was hoping Jimmy Palimotti and Amanda Conners would be there they are great too..And while your at Broadsword booth...Holly G! does sketches too...George Perez is awesome but don't think he will be there..Tim Bradstreet cool guy don't think he will be there either....The artists are real slim pickings this year..Was hoping for more....I was gonna go the whole weekend like I usually do but think its gonna be a Saturday only time this year....

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      I'm planning on being there either Saturday or Sunday, probably Saturday. Again I'll be going in costume...my theme for this year is ...wait for it....the Pittsburgh Pirate. Not the sports team, but the scourge of the Three Rivers. Cheesy I know, but sounds great to me. I'm not looking for any particular issues, but sketches. I'm always somewhat afraid to ask an artist for a sketch, except Jim Balent. But I'm going to get over that little fear this year. Is there anyone I should look for in particular?

      Cpt. William Crites of the Minnie Pearl.

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