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2345" CHOICES!!" Thank you Flint

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  • catwomanmtb
    Jan 22, 2010
      So he was speaking of Choices.(Well, I hope that what he was talking about anyway)

      I have a little problem. I need help with choosing the right character.

      I'm hoping that if I just give you the name of the character someone might be able to guess who they are.
      Now these character are both anime types; but they are different.
      Here are the names and a very little hint about what they wear and what they bring:

      B.B. HOOD: A wears a little red and holds a basket of pain.

      And RIRIN: wears a pink dress and holds the time in her hand.

      That's all I'm giving you.

      If you have an idea what I'm talking about please email me with

      Please HELP ME!!!!

      HURRY PLEASE!!!!

      if you need help google or ask jeeves ask for an image it should help
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