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2344RE: Is anyone going in x-men costumes? long post'

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  • Flint
    Jan 22, 2010
      hey' guy's for what it's worth here is my too cent's on the hole (Is anyone going in x-men costumes?)

      ok here's tree simple thing's to remember when it comes to making any costumes

      1) what do you want' ??? 2) what' is possible in the time' frame you have to get it done.

      3) what you are capable of making ' by your self 'with a friend or paying to have done.

      the other thing to figure out from what Ive seen here so far is which way' to go'

      and here's what i mean by that''

      Christopher Say's

      I want to go in x-men costumes or at least other marvel heroes or villains.
      but no one i know is going but me and i wanted to go in force with a group of people.
      i wanna do bishop and i wanna know if anybody is doing anything marvel at least so let me know.

      inuyasha222 wants to go in costume but seems not to have any real preference'

      catwomanmtb Say's

      I have a x-men costume, but this year i was planning on more of a Justice League .
      That just stink I always wanted to do a group too

      ok so as some one standing out side the box here's what i see''

      Christopher you say you want to go in x-men costumes.
      or at least other marvel heroes or villains but no one i know is going but you.

      also you want to go in force with a group of people and you say you want to do i wanna do bishop''

      ok your listing three thing's 1) x-men costumes 2)or other marvel heroes 3) or villains.

      but it sound's like you really want to do bishop''

      inuyasha222 is big into anime id say the wild card here mite be into super hero's as well''

      catwomanmtb has an x-men costume but seems to want to Justice League
      but also is up for the group thing .

      so from February 1st to April 22nd gives you all 81 day's yes 81 day's from concept to finished costume .

      that's not really bad' you can get a lot done if you plan smart.
      there are also 365 other members here who mite be interested in working with you'

      but here's some other thing's to consider'

      1) Christopher go as bishop and do the x-men & catwomanmtb you have an x-men costume.
      team up with Christopher this year and look for more x-men.

      2) catwomanmtb do Justice League find others to join your team and Christopher you still go as bishop and do the x-men.
      this way too different group's looking cool at the con

      3) you could both just work out a villains team to do as a group'

      4) one of you do hero's and the other dose villains for that group'

      you guy's have a lot of very cool possibility's but i think you should work together to come up with a concept and get rolling.

      not to lave out inuyasha222 if your are really big into anime and did not want to jump in with these crazy super hero guy's lol.

      think of an anime concept that you can do as one person that you would like just in case you cant find any one else who's going anime.

      oh and thanks guy's you have me really itching to do a super hero costume now' :)