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2222My Comic Review

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  • sugarlandkid13
    Sep 15, 2009

      I had a great time at the Con. Like I do every year. this is my 10th con and I think the new place was great. It had lots of room. The aisles were spacious and you didn't feel like you were crowding or taking space away from another table. I understand that the change in schedule didn't allow a lot of the regulars or new guest make it but I beleive we had a good turn-out. The only complaint I heard was that not having the hotel attached made it a little inconvient for those mid-day breaks. But I never get a hotel close enough to walk to so it didn't bother me.

      Stan the Man was awesome and I got to met some really nice people in line and have a great conversation. (Sorry about OSU!!!) The showroom was really great also. It allowed for a lot of artists for the quick sketch and get more sketches out there(I won 4) that led to more people buying tickets for the CBLDF. If you need me to MC next year give me a holla!!

      Casino night is always fun! And the Auction didn't do as great as in past but blame that on the economy and number of people attending.

      Overall I am giving it 8 out of 10. Great time had by me, myself, and my friend Dottie.

      Make Mine Pittsburgh Con,

      Troy-(Brown Hornet Shirt Wearing Guy)