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220Re: [pittscomicon] So Where Are The Star Wars Guest?

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    Dec 28, 2005
      i agree with you, but my thoughts on the whole star wars,star trek etc is just blech! I think there are other celebrities they could get, and hell there is a PRO football team in pittsburgh why not try  getting a couple people from that organization to drop in.

      Rick Olney <orcafresh@...> wrote:
      Okay, so which one of you guys is Chewbacca?

      Heh, heh...  :)

      I disagree. I don't think the Pittsburgh Comicon is
      getting old. I've attended all but two of them. Nearly
      always staying the entire weekend. What it should
      actually stay away from (imo) is thinking that it has
      to compete, and avoid getting caught up in CHASING the
      same old stuff and celeb's on the other con circuits
      mentioned. That's a trap.

      --- DUGGER <dugger_rockz@...> wrote:

      > Dan Kirk <dpk99@...> wrote:          I would
      > like to make the Comicon this year but it's not like
      > it used to
      >   be with Star Wars guest. How about the One Man
      > Star Wars Trilogy? That
      >   would be a GREAT addition. I would really like to
      > see that show since I
      >   was not able to make the show in Cleveland this
      > summer.
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