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22Re: Newbie here... i have questions...

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  • Kirisawa Fuko
    Feb 5, 2005
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      There are usually a decent amount of people in costume, especially on
      Sunday since that's when their costume contest is and people in
      costume get in free to the con that day (unless they've change that,
      it worked last year).

      Some stars are there all three days and some are only there certain
      days. I think the con usually says on it's site in the guest bios if a
      guest is only going to be there certain days, but I'm not sure.


      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "James" <HorrorOfZombie@G...> wrote:
      > Hello Everybody...
      > This will be my first year going to the Comicon. me and my friend Drue
      > will be going. It's both our first times... I dont know if he has been
      > to one of these things or not.. but I have never done it before... I
      > think it will be fun...
      > I was wanting to know if a lot of people wear costumes?
      > I also want to know if the film stars are there everyday or just on
      > certain days?
      > Does anybody ever see people dressed as zombies?
      > if there's lots of people dressed up then me and my friend will be
      > there as zombies.....lol it'll be lots of fun...
      > visit my website also...
      > http://www.zombiejunkyard.com
      > -James
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