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2160Re: [pittscomicon] BIG STAN LEE NEWS

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  • Shawn Williams
    Sep 6, 2009
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      Hey Patrick - is it correct that you can no longer purchase tickets
      for anything online? One of our friends that's coming to the show
      tried to purchase tickets online and it's saying "Not Available for
      Booking. The deadline the organizer has set for booking this activity
      has now passed."

      Is that correct, that people can no longer book tickets for anything
      online? Did you sell out already, or is this a bug?

      On Fri, Sep 4, 2009 at 9:55 AM, comiconguy<patlqp@...> wrote:
      > Hey Folks,
      > I've been on vacation all week and will be right up until the show, (I
      > know~It's crazy for the marketing guy to be on vacation right before the
      > show, but the this year's date changes effected everybody.)
      > Anyway before I sit down with my first Pina Colada of the day, let me fill
      > you in on some big news we have been brewing for awhile around here. The
      > email that is going out to subscribers later today is below and I think it's
      > all pretty exciting.
      > If anything else comes up between now and the show, I'll be in touch
      > otherwise, I see you all at the show.
      > and Thank You all Again for your interest and passion for the Pittsburgh
      > Comicon.
      > P.A.T.
      > -------------------------------------------
      > Hello Comiconiacs,
      > I know I promised I still had some big news in me yet and here it is……..!
      > Two important pieces of Stan Lee News,
      > 1. Starting on E-Bay today are 6 V.I.P. Stan Lee Meet and Greet Passes.
      > (
      > http://shop.ebay.com/?_from=R40&_trksid=p3907.m38.l1313&_nkw=pittsburgh+comicon+stan+lee&_sacat=See-All-Categories
      > ) or search on Ebay for Pittsburgh Comicon Stan Lee (I know these long links
      > can get hinky when I put them on the board)
      > Stan graciously agreed to do a limited meet-and-greet with a few select fans
      > at the Pittsburgh Comicon! The Meet and Greet will take place 45 minutes
      > before the show officially opens for the day on Saturday in the Comicon
      > V.I.P. Green Room. The passes are for one person only and will allow the
      > recipient, One on One time with Stan "The Man", you'll be able to get your
      > picture taken with Stan and you will be able to get two items autographed.
      > The best part is all the money raised by these 6 Ebay Auctions with go to
      > the HERO INITIATIVE. So get online and get bidding!!!!!
      > 2. I didn't know if I could talk about this one before or not, but seeing as
      > I came across an article online yesterday I guess I can, Stan Lee will be
      > receiving the Key To The City on Saturday at 10:00. We couldn't be more
      > proud to have Stan as a guest in our fair city and apparently neither could
      > the mayor. The mayor will be coming to the convention hall to give Stan this
      > honor. For a detailed account of the Key to The City and Stan's reaction you
      > can read the article found here,
      > www.yourmonroeville.com/timesexpress/article/stan-lee-excited-about-receiving-key-marvel-disney-merger
      > Ok on to other convention news, just a few quick items:
      > I recently announced that Brian Pulido would be appearing and he would be
      > previewing his movie, The Graves, but in addition to that he will also
      > bringing some LADY DEATH EXCLUSIVES TO THE COMICON. Brian will be selling
      > Lady Death:Secrets #1:Cemetery Edition and a Limited Edition Lady Death
      > Print; Both will be limited to approx. 100 numbered copies and signed by the
      > Master of the Macabre himself. For a sneak peek at Brian's special editions
      > visit: http://www.pittsburghcomicon.com/promotions.html
      > Our buddy Todd from New Dimension Comics, (who will be debuting a new Golden
      > Age Collection at the show by the way) will be having drawings at his booth
      > (D063-067) for movie passes for two upcoming blockbusters, WHITEOUT and
      > Lastly I have one piece of detail-y stuff that will hopefully make things
      > easier for entrance to the convention. This is a message to ALL ARTISTS,
      > VENDORS and ADVANCED/ON-LINE TICKET HOLDERS if you are any of those listed,
      > Please Enter through the V.I.P. Entrance at the convention hall (The South
      > Hall Entrance). It should have sufficient signage, but it will be the
      > entrance closest to the former Radisson and Expomart.
      > OK kids, that is all I have right now time is growing short so I don't know
      > if you will hear from me again before the show, if not I look forward to
      > seeing you ALL at Pittsburgh Comicon 2009!
      > Oh, one more thing that I forgot in the email, the Stan Lee CGC Signature
      > Series Ultimate Spider-Man #1's are for sale online on the Pittsburgh
      > Comicon Website. (Hit the Merchandise Link)
      > Patrick A. Thomas
      > Marketing Director - Pittsburgh Comicon
      > Pittsburgh Comicon
      > September 11, 12, 13, 2009
      > The NEW Monroeville Convention Center
      > Contact
      > 1002 Graham Ave.
      > Windber, PA 15963
      > 814-467-4116
      > pcomicon@...
      > www.pittsburghcomicon.com
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