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2020Re: [pittscomicon] The PROMISED BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

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    Jun 4, 2009
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      To get so bent out of shape to the point of quitting a group? Seriously man.... we are all bigger than that. Im not gonna ask you to stay if your irritated that much, but a little confrontation aint no big deal.

      From: Chris Underwood <chrisunderwood151@...>
      To: pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, June 3, 2009 10:57:43 PM
      Subject: Re: [pittscomicon] The PROMISED BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

      I got bent out of shape because someone I do not know was making a judgement call about me because I asked a simple question.
      I would love to have a book signed by him. I asked how many he would sign because at many of the shows I go to, there is a limit on the number a guest will sign. If he were to limit the number he would sign to one book per person then I would have to figure out which book I would like to have him sign. If his limit is two then I would have to figure out which two....so on and so on. I don't know anyone who goes to a con thinking "i should only take one book to the show to get signed".
      So anyway, I'm sorry to those who took offense to my colorful rant but to be fair, let's see how nice you are when some stranger flips out on you for asking a question.
      You'll be glad to know that I'm done here.
      For the ones of you I've been chatting with, I'll still be on the comicmonsters. com forums pages and www.watchworkscomic s.com.
      Too many negative vibes in here for an old hippie like me.

      On Wed, Jun 3, 2009 at 8:20 PM, <sjharvey9@aol. com> wrote:

      I agree. Nice language, buddy. Why would you want to know how many items you are allowed to get signed if you were only planning on getting one signed in the first place???? And to get so bent out of shape when someone says something??
      In a message dated 6/1/2009 8:58:08 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, bear100_1999@ yahoo.com writes:
      Does your mommy know you use such language? Using words like that just shows how ignorant you really are. Now thats NUFF SAID!!!!

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