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20Its almost time

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  • dugger_rockz
    Feb 5, 2005
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      things I look forward to every year and the Pittsburgh comicon is
      one of my very favorites. I am hoping the organizers are trying to
      get some new blood on the guest list this year, dont get me
      wrong...you gotta like having a legend there every year in George
      Perez, among others.
      The one thing that gets to me is the Radisson, as much as it is a
      nice hotel , I have had problems 2 years running and the $100.00 a
      night seems pretty steep to this working man. Hopefully the Radisson
      will get some new beds this year an possibly acknowledge the fact
      there are some problems.
      If your having doubts about going to the CON, dont...its a great
      time..nuff said
      as far as the strippers or "OLD" playboy women with the crack pipes
      hangin out of their cleavage, we can do without.....HEH
      OK folks im done, go to the Pittsburgh Comicon, you will not regret