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1952Re: [pittscomicon] Hotel Info for September

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  • bsimon9427@aol.com
    Apr 27, 2009
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      i got a queen size fold out sofa for rent  lol  i live like 20 min from the expomart, someone can car pool with me lol
      seriously tho, that kinda sux bc that hotel was right there. i know of a few others not to far from there, at least they will have shuttles for everyone free of charge.
      In a message dated 4/27/2009 8:01:26 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, uss_escort@... writes:

      I got some info regarding the hotel situation for this year. It seems as though Hilton Hotels have bought the Radisson. They say the hotel will be open for September, but it does not look like it will be. However, Renee and crew have been talking to all the other hotels and it looks like there will be some deals being struck with hotels like the Holiday Inn and Hampton. Also, she informed me that the Convention Bureau will be running shuttles to and from the hotels on a regular basis, including in the evening for events like the auction and such. So, this year will be a bit of a pain, but the new place is sounding great! Also, glad to hear the Steel Con had a decent weekend. It just goes to show that the Burgh fans are a supportive bunch.

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