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1892New Convention Update

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  • comiconguy
    Feb 18, 2009

      The email about our most recent update went out before I could post it
      here, breaking all my promises about always letting you guys know
      about stuff first, but anyway for those of you that don't get the
      email updates, the info is contained below.

      Talk to all again soon,



      Greetings PittConners,

      Although the show has moved to September and is now 7 months away, we
      are going to stay ahead of the game and begin making early guest
      announcements for the 2009 show. (Actually, I just don't know what to
      do with myself in February with no show coming up in April)
      Hopefully, this will keep you all excited through the downtime from
      April until September. (For those of you who are just now finding out
      about the Comicon date change, where have you been!?? You can check
      out all the new date, time, contract, map and other info at

      We have various small press guests that have already signed up for
      September, but I haven't had the opportunity to go through that entire
      list yet, I'll be adding them in the coming weeks, I do, however, have
      the following guests to announce as they prepare to make their 1st
      visit to the Pittsburgh Comicon:

      - Artist John Totleben of Swamp Thing / Miracle Man fame with be
      making his first appearance at the Pittsburgh Comicon.

      - Likewise making his first appearance is Ghost Rider co-creator and
      writer of Sgt. Fury and the Howling Commandos, Gary Friedrich.
      Gary tried to make it last year but ran into a scheduling snag, so
      we're happy he can join us this year.

      -Lastly making her first appearance in Pittsburgh, courtesy of our
      great friends at Catskill Comics, is Comic Book Hall of Famer,
      Ramona Fradon - Artist of Aquaman, Metamorpho, Plastic Man,
      Superfriends, Brenda Starr and others.
      It will be an honor to welcome Ramona to the Burgh.

      - Our Catskill Comics friends aren't just bringing Ramona however,
      they will also have a full stable of their artists in attendance
      -Mike Grell, Hot off his new Warlord series from DC
      -Current Ms. Marvel artist, Pat Olliffe
      -Amazing Spider-Girl artist, Ron Frenz
      -and CCG Card artist and artist of 2 recent issues of Starship
      Troopers, Scott James

      To check out the artwork of all these Catskill Artists and more visit:

      We also added our first Make-A-Wish Auction item to the website, A
      beautiful Watchmen piece from FOC (friend of comicon) Jay Fife.

      To check it out visit our site at www.pittsburghcomicon.com

      We know that it's a long wait until September, but we hope to keep the
      momentum going over the coming months to bring you a great Pittsburgh
      in the meantime, however, our pals at New Dimension Comics are easing
      the pain a bit, with the

      Pittsburgh Comics and Collectibles Show
      May 31st from 11-5 inside Pittsburgh's Century III Mall
      For details, please visit www.ndcomics.com

      and I'll do my best to keep you informed in the months ahead on News
      of Pittsburgh Comicon 2009.

      Talk to you again soon,

      Patrick A. Thomas
      Marketing Director - Pittsburgh Comicon

      Pittsburgh Comicon 2009
      September 11, 12, 13
      NEW Monroeville Exposition Center

      Pittsburgh Comicon
      1002 Graham Ave.
      Windber, PA 15963
      fx 814-467-4416
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