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186Re: [pittscomicon] feeling kind of ripped off

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  • Chad "Space Ghost" Wilson
    Oct 8, 2005
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      Re: [pittscomicon] feeling kind of ripped off Wow, I haven't seen Jo-Bob Briggs in a long time... I miss Monstervision...

      on 10/8/05 5:39 AM, Gene Fenton at gfenton@... wrote:

      Reply to: info@...
      Date: 2005-09-16, 10:59AM EDT

      Genghis Con is shaping up to be a terrific show. This horror and entertainment convention is filling a need in Pittsburgh, as there hasn't been a full-fledged terror-gathering in the city for several years now. Genghis Con's guests include guest-of-honor Herschel Gordon Lewis making a very rare public appearance; Gunnar Hansen and Ed Neal(The Texas Chainsaw Massacre); film authority and personality Joe-Bob Briggs (Monstervision, The Daily Show); Reggie Bannister (The "Phantasm" series); Scream Queen Brinke Stevens; Amy Lynn Best ("Severe Injuries"); Jasmine St. Claire ("Swamp Zombies"; ECW manager); Debbie Rochon ("Nowhere Man"); artists Dave Nestler ("Blonde and Gagged") and Joe Jusko ("Tomb Raider") and many more! The fest also boasts the world premiere screening of the eagerly-awaited horror smash, "Skin Crawl"!

      Dealer's tables at Genghis Con (Radisson Hotel, Greentree, PA, November 18-20) are going fast as are the "con rate" hotel rooms.

      Currently, tables for the dealer's room run only $150; a limited number of tables in the guest room are still available for $200 each, but only for a very limited time.

      Tickets for the event are just $10 per day in advance ($15 at the door), with weekend passes just $25 ($35 at the door).

      If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@....

      Visit the site at www.genghisconpa.com!

      Thank you,
      Genghis Con Staff
      www.genghisconpa.com <http://www.genghisconpa.com>  
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