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1854Re: [pittscomicon] Can Someone Explain To Me.......

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    Jan 13, 2009
      there is  difference, alot more toys an sport stuff, but its cool, In my humble opinion.You just bookmark their site an watch an see what else they add, there is always something there for everyone.

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      Subject: [pittscomicon] Can Someone Explain To Me.......

      .....what the difference is between the Pittsburgh Comicon and the Steel City Con? Is there a difference?
      - Jim

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      I always feel awkward during those moments when your face to face with actresses like Bach.

      "Hi, yeah, hi,. I just loved the Dukes of Hazard and I just wanted to tell you ... I fantasized about marrying you when I was a kid. Good times. So how are you?" :)

      For Sandra Taylor it's even more difficult.

      "Yeah, hey, hi. Boy I don't know who you are but I fantasized about marrying you as soon as I saw your picture. How are you?"

      Of course I present to you the PG versions, but I think you all get the idea.


      On Tue Jan 13 9:15 , 'dugger_rockz' sent:

      http://www.steelcit ycon.com/

      They announced a few guests that is going to be making an appearance in
      Mick Foley
      Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke)
      and some poster chick that is pretty hot

      anyhoo thats a pretty damn good start, Foley alone will pull in a
      crowd, remember how many people he brought to the comicon a few years

      I look forward to who else they will bring in. I know they have had a
      car from the munsters and the batmobile too, Would the Mach V be cool?
      I think so. or maybe Starsky an Hutch's ride.
      I dunno what do you guys thinks?

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