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1834Re: News from the Comicon Front

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  • Bo Holbrook
    Jan 2, 2009
      Is this for real? Cause if so this sucks on many levels for me. Many
      many levels.

      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "comiconguy" <patlqp@...> wrote:
      > Hello folks,
      > I can always count on you guys to be about a week ahead of me when I
      > want to make an announcement. I know I have been incommunicado for a
      > while and for good reason. We are indeed as rumored changing our
      > dates for 2009. I wish I could have told you all sooner but we wanted
      > to make sure all the contracts were signed before we announced new
      > dates. (I didn't want to have to announce new dates, have them fall
      > through and change dates again) The new dates for 2009 will be
      > September 11, 12 and 13 2009. As mused about on the board, it is
      > indeed due to the fact that our hotel and our convention hall just
      > won't be finished in time for an April Show. The good news for me is
      > for the first time in the last 15+ years, I won't have to work
      > straight through my birthday. My birthday always falls as I am trying
      > to finish the convention newspaper. Anyhow, the official statement as
      > it is being sent out can be found below. Anyone that wishes to post
      > it elsewhere or forward it on to others, feel free.
      > I hope you are all not too disappointed about a 5 month delay, (but
      > the one thing comic fans know about is delays, we should be just in
      > time for the last issue of Final Crisis.) We are very excited about
      > our new venue and the opportunities a September show will bring.
      > Wishing You All A Bright and Happy New Year,
      > Patrick
      > See Official Statement Below:
      > -------
      > We at The Pittsburgh Comicon have a major announcement about our 2009
      > show. After sixteen years of holding our convention in April,
      > circumstances have caused us to have to move the dates of our 2009
      > show from April 24, 25 and 26, 2009 to September 11, 12 & 13, 2009.
      > As you may have heard in previous announcements, the Pittsburgh
      > Comicon is slated to move to a new venue in 2009, (The NEW Monroeville
      > Exposition Center), unfortunately the Center just won't be ready in
      > time for our April dates. Likewise the host hotel, The Radisson
      > Hotel-Monroeville is also going through renovations and they weren't
      > going to be able to handle thousands of rabid comics fans by April
      > either. So after much negotiations with the venue and the host hotel
      > as well as surveying the comic landscape for good dates that didn't
      > clash with any other established conventions, we decided on the
      > September dates. (Sept. 11-13). What does this mean for you comics
      > fans out there?! Well for one thing, we'll be able to approach new
      > guests that were never able to make it for an April show. Other than
      > that you can expect the same kind of love and devotion we've had for
      > comics since our inception in 1993. We were disappointed that we
      > couldn't keep our April dates, because the Pittsburgh Comicon has been
      > like a rite of Spring for many, but we are excited about the brand
      > spanking new venue and having the ability to bring in some new guests
      > that Pittsburgh Comicon fans haven't had the opportunity to meet
      > before. As for vendors that pre-paid at the end of our 2008 show for
      > our 2009 show, we are still holding booths for you for our new
      > convention dates and we hope that you will all continue to support us.
      > Vendors and artists that want more details about our September dates
      > can contact the Comicon office at 814-467-4116 or you can email us at
      > pcomicon@... Our website ( www.pittsburghcomicon.com ) is
      > in the process of being updated with our new dates, new contracts for
      > vendors and artists, and maps of the new venue. All that information
      > should be up in the next week or two. Keep checking the website for
      > the latest announcements concerning guests and events for our
      > September show. We are looking forward to a great show in September
      > and can only hope you will all continue to support us during our change.
      > Thank You,
      > Patrick A. Thomas
      > Marketing Director - Pittsburgh Comicon
      > --------
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