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1813Re: [pittscomicon] Convicted Sex Offender Working with Tekkoshocon

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  • Chris Underwood
    Dec 8, 2008
      what happened this year?

      On Mon, Dec 8, 2008 at 1:26 AM, axxinjaxxin <axxinjaxxin@...> wrote:

      Anyone who knows me knows that I bear a VERY deep grudge over some
      off-color and untrue comments about being a sex offender that were made
      about me several years ago by another staff member of Tekkoshocon that
      led to my resignation from staff and subsequent self-imposed ban from their con.

      For those that don't know, Tekkoshocon is the Anime convention in
      Pittsburgh held every year, most recently at the ExpoMart and Radisson
      Greentree.  Members of their staff also ran the anime room at Comicon
      (just to give a little bit of a tie-in).  Tekkoshocon has always
      billed themselves as a kid-friendly con, with their average age of
      attendees in their mid to late teens (hence why I've always called it

      WELL, earlier this evening, I was contacted by a friend of mine who
      was also an attendee at Tekkoshocon and was also shunned away from the
      con by staff of the con.  It turns out that one of the more senior
      staffers from Tekkoshocon, Christopher Dalton, aka EncodedFate, aka
      Fate, actually IS a convicted sex offender and was putting himself in
      VERY close contact with children at this con.  He was working as a
      webmaster and second-level staffer for the con.

      Here's the information:
      First Name: CHRISTOPHER
      Middle Name: L
      Last Name: DALTON

      Conviction date not reported
      Offender's age at conviction not reported
      Source of Information:  VA State Offender Registry


      Where I'm going with this, is there any way we can ban this guy from our con?  Even though we don't have that many kids at our con, because of his ties to the guys in the anime room (if we're even having that next year after what happened this year), I don't think he should be permitted on premises where we could even have a problem with him.


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