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1790PCC to SCC

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  • norvandell
    Oct 30, 2008
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      First off, I want to announce that I'll be doing art for another Star
      Wars set coming soon, first got to finish Indy.

      Second, it takes 15 minutes from the old showcase theatre off of
      Kingston Dr, which is across the street from Sears, (down 3 miles
      from the expo mart ), to get to the PISA.

      I made the trip 3 days in a row as my first time being a guest for
      Dominic. But!, since I am only doing the PCC. I will however, do the
      next show for Dom if he asks after Pitt.

      With a little more signage, and by April most of the construction
      near the toll exit 48 should be done, the next few shows shouldn't be
      bad at all.

      I want to make the inaugeral show at the new Expo Mart something

      Third, and this is me pimping my own stuff again, I have copies of a
      new print for sale. go to http://norvandell.deviantart.com and look
      at Princess Leia Redux. Its an 18x12 on a felt style paper, only
      20.00 and I pay for shipping.

      I'll also have one pre done Secret Wars sketch cover and a blank
      cover for Pitt available. I'll have a more complete list of new stuff
      for the show, but the Leia print is ready now for any takers, 15 left.