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1789Re: same weekend Yes its established

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  • batmiteforever
    Oct 30, 2008
      Dugger, no pot to stir I'm sure they had their reasons and would
      not be in direct competion. But on some level people are going to
      a hard choice and neither show is going to offer a shuttle to the
      others show and risk your patrons staying and spending all their cash
      someone elses show. It's just unfortunate and I hope both shows do
      but I will not do both. Thats not a knock on SCC I've lost count how
      many of their shows I've been to, but just a couple weeks ago I had
      decide do I go to Mid Ohio con or Screaming Tiki con and they were a
      week apart and I still could only hit one. By all means do both if
      can, I just think not everyone can or will.--- In
      pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "dugger_rockz" <dugger_rockz@...> wrote:
      > I dont like it anymore than any of you, but the shuttle idea is
      > actually really good. But, instead of complaining, has anyone else
      > asked the fine folks from Steel City Con why it had to be this way?
      > sure there is no spite involved.
      > I for one hope it works out well for everyone, and Id like to be
      > to go to both shows, to be honest after one full day at the PCC
      > pretty much seen it all, an yeah its fun anyway, but the chance to
      > to something that is slightly different and covers even more hobby
      > like areas and meet some cool guests an crazy stuff.
      > I give the SCC some credit, they get some different people each time
      > every 4 or 5 months.
      > Im not trying to stir the pot, But Id like to see a shuttle or bus
      > available to give all of us another option.
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