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1788Re: [pittscomicon] same weekend Yes its established

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  • bsimon9427@aol.com
    Oct 30, 2008
      not to sound like a downer but i dont think a shuttle would work. who would fund this? the vendors at the scc didnt make a good profit so for scc to fund a shuttle means higher prices at the door and for vendor tables. for pcc to fund it might be ok bc they know they are going to be the real draw that weekend anyway, but given that why should they have a shuttle if they know they are the bigger draw? in turn that would also mean higher ticket prices, and i think theirs are high enough.
      im sure a shuttle bus or 3, heck even a school bus or 3 wouldnt be cheap with the way gas is and traffic from monroville to harmerville has to suck no matter which route the bus takes its going to me a 30+ min drive due to alot of construction in a few spots. i know i for one dont want to be crammed on a packed bus for 30 minutes. im 6'6", me and bus seats dont equal fun. not to mention carrying bags of things i bought or having to sit on a bus in costume just isnt going to work at all the way mine is.
      30 min to scc from pcc, then 30 min back or more plus waiting for the probly 2 bus's they have running just dont sound like fun to me. lucky for me i live between the two. it takes me just about the same time to get to either place from my house if i wanted to do both. just did the scc so ill be doing the pcc this time. missed the last one so i have to make up for it this time  lol
      In a message dated 10/30/2008 8:52:05 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, dugger_rockz@... writes:

      I dont like it anymore than any of you, but the shuttle idea is
      actually really good. But, instead of complaining, has anyone else
      asked the fine folks from Steel City Con why it had to be this way? Im
      sure there is no spite involved.
      I for one hope it works out well for everyone, and Id like to be able
      to go to both shows, to be honest after one full day at the PCC youve
      pretty much seen it all, an yeah its fun anyway, but the chance to go
      to something that is slightly different and covers even more hobby
      like areas and meet some cool guests an crazy stuff.
      I give the SCC some credit, they get some different people each time
      every 4 or 5 months.
      Im not trying to stir the pot, But Id like to see a shuttle or bus
      available to give all of us another option.

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