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  • Joe Patrick
    Oct 20, 2008
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      Glad that you had a good time, I know that we had a lot of fun there over the weekend.  I didnt spend the $50 for an Adam West autograph, but it was great getting a chance to talk to Julie Newmar, Lee Merriwether and Malachi Throne was an absolute howl.  We didnt take the Batcopter trip, but it was something neat to see up close.  Overall, for a first con, I think the guys that put it together did a heck of a job overall.  It will be interesting to see if they plan on doing it again next year.

      Alas, I'm all tapped out from Tiki and a Meatloaf concert this Thursday so we wont be making the trip to Steel City. (kind of disappointed, would have loved to have the chance to meet Lou Ferrigno)  I was talking with Jay Fife up at Tiki and he said that some artists / vendors that he knows weren't aware that the show has been moved, so I hope they all know where to go to get there.

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      I may..I have a puzzle box I would like to get signed. The only thing
      stopping me is I went to Screaming Tiki con on saturday ($$$$) but it
      was worth it I rode in the batcopter :) So a BIG thank you to Joe for
      tipping me off to the show..I had a blast!
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      > http://www.steelcit ycon.com/
      > any of you fine people going to this? Pretty cool stuff.

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