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1761Re: [pittscomicon] Screaming Tiki Con

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  • Lisa Davis
    Oct 13, 2008
      I am going to try and attend this.  I am to be meeting quite a few of the Bat Brethren from Brotherhood Of The Bat, and some people through the LOH.   I was also told through a friend that I was promised that I'd get to meet Yvonne Craig, and the two beautiful ladies that portrayed Catwoman!  I'll have to see by Thursday of how this will all hold up!    I'll be letting people know too!

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      My wife and I going as well.  We also got the tickets for the Adam West banquet thats going to be held on Friday evening.  It does look like its going to be a fun packed few days.  I dont know if you've seen on the forums there, but they're going to be running movies at the theatre there as well. Dark Knight, Superman 1 & 2, Hellboy 2, and another one or two that escapes me at the moment.  I dont know if that's an additional charge or not.  I know we're about tapped out counting the hotel room, the general admission tickets for the weekend and the banquet tickets.  We've got be kind of frugal for the rest of the 3 days we're there.  Looking forward to it quite a bit.

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      I'm going to the Screaming Tiki Con in Niles Ohio on Saturday. Just curious to see if anyone
      else here is going? My friend Dave went to his first convention years ago and it was to meet
      Adam West. When he got there, the autograph line was already cut off and he didn't get to
      meet Mr. West.
      He bought us both the V.I.P. tickets to guarantee we meet him. It gives us an autograph and
      photo with Mr. West and the Batmobile. Plus there's a lot of other Batman celebrities and
      some Superman ones as well.
      Should be a hoot!

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