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176Re: Would love to see The Great Luke Ski next year

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  • Kerry
    Jul 3, 2005
      Well, maybe if enough people email him and the people at the
      Comicon, maybe we can get him here. :)

      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "Chad \"Space Ghost\" Wilson"
      <spacghst@s...> wrote:
      > I think I've heard some of his stuff on Dr. Demento...
      > Since I will not be doing the gaming next year, I would LOVE to
      > have another musical act come and play!
      > I was always upset I never got to hear Ookla the Mok...
      > and my friend broke his toe when a fat man stepped on him
      > during the Gwar concert...
      > Yeah, more music good!
      > on 6/30/05 8:57 PM, Kerry at bwo4life@v... wrote:
      > Not sure how many people here are familiar with him, but he does
      > parodies(in the vein of Weird Al).
      > Alot of them are about comic books, sci-fi and fan boys, and he
      > does some great character artwork.
      > I think he would fit in great at the Comicon.
      > I had several emails with him last year, and said he was
      > but the folks at the comicon never got back to him. :(
      > Check out his website www.lukjeski.com at tell me what you think.
      > I think the comicon really needs something new to spice it up next
      > year.
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