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1748Michael George Denied Bond

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  • axxinjaxxin
    Sep 23, 2008
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      A Macomb County Circuit Court judge has denied bond for the man known
      as the "comic book killer." Michael George will remain in the Macomb
      County Jail even though his first degree murder charge, for the
      shooting death of his first wife Barbara George, has been overturned.

      For the family of Barbara George, it's a continuation of an 18 year
      nightmare that began on June 13, 1990 in the back of the comic book
      store the couple owned in Clinton Township. At the time, Michael
      George was not arrested and he collected $130,000 in life insurance
      after Barbara's death.

      George moved to Pennsylvania with their two children, re-married and
      had 5 other children. Last year, new evidence was presented that
      ultimately led to his extradition and conviction. His conviction was
      overturned this summer when word spread that the prosecution withheld
      a witness, and new evidence had surfaced.

      The prosecution is now asking the court of appeals to uphold the
      conviction. If not, George will face a new murder trial on December 2.

      Barbara's brother and sister are pleased with the court's ruling, and
      do not want Michael George to be out on the street. However, they know
      their long ordeal is still not over.
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