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  • uss_escort
    Sep 15, 2008
      > The most pathetic and largest injustice is that Barbara George's
      > family was screwed out of true justice when this District attorney's
      > father was chief. Now even with the discovery of this so called "lost
      > file" the family appears to not want to believe that anyone other
      > than Mike could have done this. Of course the other suspect convict
      > is dead, leaving only one looser druggie to pursue with crap for
      > evidence now. So I guess for this family having Mike, the guy to get
      > their pound of flesh out of from, the former husband of their
      > daughter who they hated to begin with ( Mike did cheat on her
      > admittedly) is what they seem to want to stick too. They evidently
      > can't believe the police could have done anything wrong.... I feel
      > sorry for them. I would want my pound of flesh from the inept police
      > dept and this ass District attorney for wasting my time and giving
      > misleading and false hope.
      Geez, Ed, talk about striking fear in the hearts of the cowardly.
      Heh. Anyways, I agree whole-heartedly with the sentiment. In fact, I
      have drafted and sent a letter to the Michigan State Attorney General,
      Mike Cox, requesting his office conduct an investigation of the Macomb
      County Prosecutor's Office and the Clinton Township Police based on
      their questionable ethics and incompetent investigation. It outlines
      a number of issues that need to be looked at and investigated,
      properly. Considering the number of cases from this County that have
      been found to have been unjustly prosecuted and the defendant's
      unjustly incarcerated, of which one is way too many, it is something
      that someone in authority needs to take a serious look at.

      For those that are curious, the content of the letter has been
      reprinted on fatrepublicanclub.wordpress.com.
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