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  • Ed Beard Jr.
    Sep 14, 2008
      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "batmiteforever"
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      > I heard about this "Lost police folder" a couple weeks ago and it
      > made me furious. Look no matter your thoughts on this case EVERONE
      > deserves a fair trial so lets get on with it.
      > --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "briantlaslo" <blaslo@> wrote:
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      > > http://www.freep.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?
      > AID=/20080912/NEWS04/80912039/1001/NEWS#pluckcomments
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      Looks like the People VS George will go down in the annals of the
      law books for Case law under "prosecutorial misconduct" and more.
      This will set precedence for many victims of overzealous buthole like
      this power hungry district attorney.

      How sweet will the law suit and reward be for the Georges, with all
      of this evidence proving that the District attorney's office withheld
      major evidence that would have otherwise led even the "moron male
      hating 8 out of 12 jury" to conclude other suspects were more likely
      the cause. Now that all this evidence against this District
      attorney's office for failing to provide 7 sworn statements offering
      not 1 but 2 different suspects both of which were involved in a spree
      of comic and baseball card robberies during that same time in that
      very same area, it will be like a check in hand for the Georges from
      the Districts attorney office. Mike's lawyers will sue the shit out
      of those corrupt SOB's. Let's see where to start....n hmmm... Oh yes,
      Will full misconduct, withholding evidence resulting in 1.5 years of
      Mikes life lost, family hardship, debt, loss of career, reputation
      damage on and on. There will be a clear cut award. There is NO
      escaping, the district Attorneys office has been charged and it's
      noted forever in the annals of court misconduct as a warning to other
      overzealous District Attorneys just looking to put a notch in their
      belt using innocent fall guy's like Mike. In this particular
      Districts attorneys case, to clear "Daddy's screw up while he was the
      police chief during the murder". After the new trial ( which will
      last about 2 minutes and give up an innocent verdict and further
      slaps against the District Attorneys office ), the settlement is the
      only thing left to debate. I think that Mikes sacrifice of 1-2 years
      will pay off very well. I pray for the Georges and clearly they have
      angels on their side.

      Here is just a few quotes from the judge during the appeal that
      brought the charges of Prosecutorial misconduct and had the entire
      trial and verdict against Michael George thrown out.

      Judges is quoted during his reaming of the prosecutor. Especially
      when he would ask them if "it" was ever investigated and their reply
      was always "no".Did you check his alibi "no" again. It was said that
      for the next 30 years when prosecutorial misconduct is mentioned in
      court they will be quoting the 2008 People vs. George
      ( "it" meaning the other two suspects one of which had a second
      degree murder charge against him and served 15 years in prison...did
      I forget to mention he had just been let out before the murder??)

      The most pathetic and largest injustice is that Barbara George's
      family was screwed out of true justice when this District attorney's
      father was chief. Now even with the discovery of this so called "lost
      file" the family appears to not want to believe that anyone other
      than Mike could have done this. Of course the other suspect convict
      is dead, leaving only one looser druggie to pursue with crap for
      evidence now. So I guess for this family having Mike, the guy to get
      their pound of flesh out of from, the former husband of their
      daughter who they hated to begin with ( Mike did cheat on her
      admittedly) is what they seem to want to stick too. They evidently
      can't believe the police could have done anything wrong.... I feel
      sorry for them. I would want my pound of flesh from the inept police
      dept and this ass District attorney for wasting my time and giving
      misleading and false hope.
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