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1648Re: [pittscomicon] My 2 cents about the group.

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    Aug 13, 2008
      Well put! Im not going to defend myself because i think the spam is annoying, some folks like to read to much into things and its pointless. I hope the yahoo group gets straightened out, but the other group is just a click away.

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      Sent: Wednesday, August 13, 2008 3:03:59 PM
      Subject: Re: [pittscomicon] My 2 cents about the group.

      On Tue, Aug 12, 2008 at 6:12 PM, norvandell <BIG_BOOTE@hotmail. com> wrote:
      > Granted there is some people who are coming along and spamming, but
      > is it really that bad, that you can't click on the email and report
      > it as junk, or even a phishing scam?.

      Certainly I agree that deleting the spam isn't a problem. That gets
      rid of it from your mailbox. However, the spam continues to exist on
      the group archives. When new people come to the group page, I don't
      really mind if they see a low activity record, because as you pointed
      out, during the "slow" period, there isn't that much to discuss.

      But if new people that are interested in checking out the con come to
      the page and see nothing but spam and a ridiculous signal-to-noise
      ratio, it's discouraging to newcomers. It could lead them to believe
      that the con is no longer the vibrant, fun con that we all know it is.
      And with all the conventions fighting to entice newcomers, that's not
      a risk we should be taking lightly.

      Yes, there's only a few to ten people complaining - because they're
      the few to ten people that are active in the group and keeping
      discussions going. I don't think we want to label people that are
      active as "complainers" nor discourage them from participating and
      expressing their opinions about the group and what's going on with it.

      I'm very much a lurker to the group - last year was my very first time
      attending the con, and I only signed up just before the con itself.
      But because of this, I'm very aware of how important this group can be
      to newcomers and I want to be as supportive as possible to people
      trying to keep interest in the group going and support the con however
      I can. I'm still *excited* about the con - so if there's a problem, I
      want it fixed and I want to help.

      The spammers are welcome to follow us, but they'll be shut down asap
      and their access removed as fast as they can join. I've already
      appointed an additional moderator to the group, and would gladly do so
      for additional mods if they're needed. Likewise, I'm sure the same
      precaution will be taken if the group is moved to different Yahoo
      group (or even elsewhere).

      Hope that explains why some of us are "causing waves."


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