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1636Re: [pittscomicon] My 2 cents about the group.

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  • Andrew Harmon
    Aug 12, 2008
      Tod, No flack from me man. Good to hear your thoughts on the subject. I've put my comments in after the quoted text.

      "I feel that there is too much pissing and moaning going on around

      here, not to mention that the group usually is slow this time of year


      "Granted there is some people who are coming along and spamming, but
      is it really that bad, that you can't click on the email and report
      it as junk, or even a phishing scam?."

      Honestly, I've just been hitting the delete key on them sending them to the trash.

      "Someone has started another group on Google. While thats all well and
      good, now anyone who wants to be apart of the group, now has to go on
      to Google and go through the whole process of joining and the like."

      I brought this up as well. Some people might like the change though. I did make a poll at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pittsburghcomicon/surveys?id=2414157 to get feedback from the members here.

      "WHy hasn't anyone who has the time to make their own group, offer to
      take over this one, and take care of the nonsense."

      I made a group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pittsburghcomicon/. As for taking over this one; it can't be done without the original owners permission I think and that person is currently MIA for 3 weeks.

      "About the only time I ever come around, is when I see news and any
      changes being made for the show, mainly 2 or 3 months before the con,
      and a month or 2 after. Otherwise, there are other groups I belong to
      who can do pretty much what everyone else is doing now."


      "Think about this to, since some of you are posting about starting or
      joining a group elsewhere, don't think that those spammers aren't
      ready those posts, and wont find you and come around. Yes, I'm sure
      the group mod for Google will do a fine job at first, but what
      happens when the same thing starts there."

      While it's true no SPAM can find you, there are measures that can be done to prevent a good portion of it from getting through. I think it's apparent all this started when the owner of the current group when MIA.

      "For me, this group and where it is, is just fine. I like Sin's
      suggestion, and just spam the spammers, give them a taste of their
      own medicine. Just delete the spam and move on to the worth while posts."

      Which is fine by me if that's what folks want to do :)


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