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1629Re: [pittscomicon] Moving to Google

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  • Andrew Harmon
    Aug 12, 2008
      I made two groups in Yahoo (only because I couldn't decide on a name). I'll hold off on revealing them because there is a suggestion to move to Google groups and I don't want to muddy the waters if that's what we decide to do.

      On Tue Aug 12 14:36 , Andrew Harmon sent:

      I joined up (BarryA) but it got me wondering... this may require people to create Google accounts that don't have one and may not want to. Should it stay in Yahoo Groups out of convenience to the members?

      On Tue Aug 12 14:26 , 'Shawn Williams' sent:

      Howdy folks - I'm not at all trying to usurp anyone here or snipe
      anyone's efforts, I'm just sick of the spam (like everyone else).
      Also, I'm a big fan of Google over Yahoo, so I created a group for us
      over at Google Groups:
      http://groups. google.com/ group/pittscomic on

      I will GLADLY promote new group admins from the old group - like I
      said, I'm not trying to swipe authority or anything, I just have the
      time and ability to make a new group and have done so. If someone gets
      a group going before me and we need to dissolve this group/create a
      new one, that's fine.

      In the interim, I'll also see about migrating as much of the data
      (pics) from the old group to this one.

      If you've already started a group and I missed it, please let me know
      and I'll dissolve this one asap.


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