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1627Moving to Google

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  • Shawn Williams
    Aug 12, 2008
      Howdy folks - I'm not at all trying to usurp anyone here or snipe
      anyone's efforts, I'm just sick of the spam (like everyone else).
      Also, I'm a big fan of Google over Yahoo, so I created a group for us
      over at Google Groups:

      I will GLADLY promote new group admins from the old group - like I
      said, I'm not trying to swipe authority or anything, I just have the
      time and ability to make a new group and have done so. If someone gets
      a group going before me and we need to dissolve this group/create a
      new one, that's fine.

      In the interim, I'll also see about migrating as much of the data
      (pics) from the old group to this one.

      If you've already started a group and I missed it, please let me know
      and I'll dissolve this one asap.

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