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160Re: [pittscomicon] Artist Sketching.....What Is The Best Way To Obtain One?

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  • Chad "Space Ghost" Wilson
    May 25, 2005
      Re: [pittscomicon] Artist Sketching.....What Is The Best Way To Obtain One? When Perez does do sketches for fans, he books up really quick.
      You have to ask for one very early on Friday to get on his schedule.
      Most artists charge different prices, and weather they keep it or
      donate it to a charity (Perez donates to Make a Wish, I think).
      My friend got a Gambit sketch from MITCHELL BREITWEISER for $50
      and it was really awesome. Darryl Banks wanted $80 for a sketch
      of 2 characters...

      on 5/25/05 5:16 PM, marveldc1 at marveldc1@... wrote:

      Hello All!

          For example, I would have liked to get a sketch of either the
      Beast or Jericho as rendered by George Perez. While I was standing in
      line waiting to get his autograph, I overheard him say to a fan that
      he was all booked up (and this was around 12:00 PM Saturday.) So my
      question is what does one have to do to get a sketch by their favorite
      artist? How does one sign up? What is the fee? Thanks in advance for
      any and all advice!

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