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159Artist Sketching.....What Is The Best Way To Obtain One?

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  • marveldc1
    May 25, 2005
      Hello All!

      I am new to this whole convention thing, with this past
      Pittsburgh convention being my first. As I understand it, some artists
      will do some sketching for a nominal fee. It is understandable that
      the more popular the artist, the higher the demand, and therefore the
      more difficult to obtain.

      For example, I would have liked to get a sketch of either the
      Beast or Jericho as rendered by George Perez. While I was standing in
      line waiting to get his autograph, I overheard him say to a fan that
      he was all booked up (and this was around 12:00 PM Saturday.) So my
      question is what does one have to do to get a sketch by their favorite
      artist? How does one sign up? What is the fee? Thanks in advance for
      any and all advice!

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