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1498Regarding Turner and the Expomart from The Pittsburgh Comicon

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  • comiconguy
    Jul 3, 2008
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      Hello folks,

      I recent days there are a couple of threads on the fansite that need
      our attention.

      First and Foremost, Our thoughts and prayers are with Michael Turner,
      his family and friends. Michael was more than just a guest of the
      Comicon, he was like one of the family. His anguish about not being
      able to make it to recent Comicons due to his health was palitable.
      He loved Pittsburgh, He loved the fans in Pittsburgh and we feel as if
      we've lost a member of the family. He will be sorely missed but
      always remembered fondly.

      Secondly for those of you concerned about the venue for the Pittsburgh
      Comicon in 2009, let your hearts not be troubled. We are aware of the
      situation and are hard at work trying to come to a solution. We have
      not given up on the Expomart, because although they are no longer
      booking conventions past October, they have not ruled out the
      possiblity that it will still be available come April. We are in
      constant communications with the staff there and if we can stay, we
      will. It has always suited our needs and been a good location for
      fans, vendors and guests alike. We have, however, not been sitting on
      our laurels and are in negotiations with other venues as possible
      replacements for the Expomart if need be. All of which would be
      suitable for a convention of our size. The Comicon will be held in
      April and as soon as we can confirm the location, we will.

      Talk to you all again soon,

      Patrick Thomas
      Marketing Director - Pittsburgh Comicon
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