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  • acroraya30x
    Apr 30, 2005
      Hi! I had the best time ever this year. I was working with anime
      actors Tiffany Grant & Matt Greenfield from ADV Films, and had a great
      time. They reported that they were very happy with how Comicon
      treated them, and were very happy with the response of visitors and
      panel attendees. I'm so happy that Comicon was so agreeable to
      bringing them in as guests. Both say that they'd be happy to come
      back (schedules willing). I'm going to work on getting the ROBOTECH
      tour next year as well, if Renee is up for it.

      My daughter was Optimus Prime in the costume contest, and we were very
      happy that she won a prize! This was her first costume contest and
      only her third time at a comic/media convention, & she had a blast!

      I can't say I had much trouble with the artists' availability, since
      my wife & I were there for the entire weekend. I'm honestly not much
      into mainstream comics, and the couple of artist there that I'm into
      know me already (Joe Linsner, for one) so there was plenty of
      opportunity to talk. It was cool that Dave Aiken was promoting his
      Dora the Explorer book work, which was a treat for my daughter Rachael
      (Optimus Prime!). Dawn of the Dead guest Nicky Tallo is someone I used
      to work with at WQED, so its always nice to get to talk to him @
      Comicon, since I don't work in the Pittsburgh market any more. [Anyone
      who might remember WQEX sign-off video short - which ended with Monty
      Python's "Always look on the bright side of life" - Nick is one of the
      two guys who find the passes-out QEX employee at the end of the short.)

      - Ray (AcroRay) Miller
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