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146Re: Daggetts Comics emailed.

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  • Dirk...Dirk Diggler
    Apr 29, 2005
      My question has been sent to the seller:

      "Wow! All these sketches are great! So are all the signed comics! Ive
      always wanted sketches like these. I would actually have one if some
      assholes werent hogging all the creators time at the PittCon this
      year. You should send everyone who got screwed out of their sketches
      17 bucks for to pay back their admission. I hope you get a paper cut
      from one of the 2o dollar bills youre asking for one of these
      sketches. hopefully it will become infected, run its course and do the
      whole world a favor.Thanks for ruining my time. Ya greedy Fuckhead."

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