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  • bsimon9427@aol.com
    Apr 29, 2008
      gggrrrrrrrrr i am still made i missed it this year! 
      its like someone said about it being more about the people then the show. for me i like to meet with friends new and old. talk to the indie guys about their stuff. just wish i wasn't so poor so i could buy everything they all have to help them out. the big name guys are super cool. partied with a bunch of them one yr at a vip thing in the penthouse.
      the people are just so easy and fun to talk to, its a very friendly atmosphere and thats what keeps me coming more or less. the books i am missing are so hard to find i dont even bother looking but i still go by the vendors just to see whats out there.
      i go there sat afternoons and hang out for about 3-4 hours taking my time going through the place a few times. Sunday i go in costume to just hang out. lots of people want pics with me, flattered they even know who my character is  lol. even had some artists draw sketches of me in costume while i stood there just bc they were board while we chatted. some even gave them to me free just for taking the time to stop and chat with them both days. again, the people are super! yeah 18 bux kinda sux but i break it down to 9 bux a day isnt that bad plus i live 20 min away.
      where else can some "comic nerds"  <j/k lol> hang out in one place and not get beat up. <well i wouldn't i'm 6'6">  lol 
      In a message dated 4/28/2008 10:48:28 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time, sugarlandkid13@... writes:

      I had a wonderful time at the con. I did get to meet some of you.
      Duggerocks was in my hotel. I used priceline and got the room for
      $50/night. I think some of you remember me from the quick sketch. 1st
      time I introduced myself nice and loud, 2nd time I did a quick speech
      about the CBLD and held up the first two pictures, the 3rd time I won
      the dragon is hungry but friendly picture.

      The con was slow on the first day but that is to be expected because
      people just getting in and setting up. I spent a long time in line
      with Jim Balent getting a sketch but it was worth it. Sal Buscema
      even did a second signing time when he was only scheduled for one and
      was doing sketches.

      The games were fun. I sang a couple of songs at karaoke, tripled up
      on the color wheel, and did ok in the trivia game. I even tried out
      for a tv show.

      One of the best things about this year's con was the caps. That was a
      great idea to have them for the auction. It was great for us fan who
      are on a budget to be able to participate in the auction and actually
      be able to win something. Many qukdoos to the idea person for that.

      Ok, I am rambling on to much. A great weekend was had by me and my
      friend. And here is one final story, to express what a great con this
      is and why I am coming back every year. My friend asked Chris Moreno
      to do a quick sketch of the Bone characters pimped out. She brought
      raffle tickets and hoped for the best. She didn't win and was hoping
      to buy the sketch from the winner or trade. At first he was unsure
      what he was going to do, but at the end of the quick sketch he gave
      it to her with no strings attached. He said he has been very lucky at
      the con and wanted to share. She was very thankful and said she would
      buy him $10 of raffle tix at the next quick sketch. She did and he
      got there late and she gave him the tixs and he won a sketch.

      This is why I will always have a special place in my heart for the
      Pittsburgh Comic Con. It is more about the friendly people than the
      comics or signatures.

      Troy aka Sugarlandkid13

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