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1364Re: [pittscomicon] my thoughts on the Con

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  • G.W.
    Apr 29, 2008
      I go to the Pittsburgh Comicon to buy, well, silly stuff. T-shirts,
      gaming stuff, oddball DVD's, that kind of thing. And there's been less
      and less of that at the Con each year. I have a pretty thorough
      arrangement with the Comic Swap, and I really don't miss many issues
      of mainstream comic books. The books I *do* miss, they're apparently
      so obscure I can't find them at the Con anyway. At this rate, there's
      going to need to be some pretty spiffy panels on Saturday to get me to
      go Sat and Sunday next year. The costume contest is a blast, don't get
      me wrong there though, and it more than makes Sundays worth it.

      On Tue, Apr 29, 2008 at 7:01 AM, dugger_rockz <dugger_rockz@...> wrote:
      > I thought it was alright. I spoke to many people about the convention
      > this year and the feedback was about 50/50, the pens and the pirates
      > were in town but i really cant say what the impact that had on the
      > show was.The main complaint I heard was, not enough vendors, filling
      > in those gaps was tougher this year and i am forced to agree, met some
      > cool folks too. I dont know if i will spend the entire weekend next
      > year or if i will just spend a day. I love coming to the con but this
      > year just didnt do it for me. I seen it mentioned earlier about how
      > the show was in the early 90's and i think there is alot to be said
      > for that. I know i saved alot of money this year simply because there
      > wasnt to much there. Im not trying to ruffle any feathers, Im just
      > being honest. I hope next year picks up, only time will tell.
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