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1357Comicon '08

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  • uss_escort
    Apr 29, 2008
      I have heard a number of folks say about the number of vendors and
      guests this year. Unfortunately, with New York moving to the weekend
      before the show, it forces both vendor and guest alike to sometimes
      make a choice. Especially when gas is $3.60+ a gallon. I really
      think that the vendors that were at the show this year were quality
      vendors. They setup for the show with product that the people wanted.
      I thought that the mix of high-end books and $1.00 books was pretty
      good. I did miss the opportunity to buy some trades and hardcovers I
      was really hoping for, but that did not disappoint. I won't dance
      around the fact that this year had some unique issues to deal with in
      some folks' minds, but it is a great show run by people that care
      about the industry. Mike and Renee are in the industry, they run a
      comic store, this show is not their only 'gig'. It would be great if
      the Big Two would share some love with the show, but they have to make
      business decisions as well.