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135Re: I have some complaints about the show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • chazjg
    Apr 26, 2005
      > i noticed a daggetts comics on ebay put 3 sal buscema sketches on
      > ebay today! i wonder if thats them. i think it might be. it says in
      > there ad they hit cons.this is bull crap and out of hand i think.
      > i saw the buscemas on ebay and sent them a message saying i hope
      > they donated 75.00 each for those sketches because sal drew them
      > with a contribution to make a wish foundation. and these jerks are
      > tryin to make a profit off it!!
      My friend sent me the link to this auction right before I read this post.
      I felt the same way.
      I'm glad to see that you sent them that message.
      I was about to do the same, in fact I'm still gonna do it!
      I was in line for Sal on Friday, and there was this guy behind me sitting in a
      I went Saturday morning to see the Buffy panel.
      I walked by where Sal was signing, and there in the front, the same guy,
      sitting in the chair.
      The one cool thing about Sal was, when someone had a big stack of stuff for
      him to sign, he limited them to 10 things, to keep the people in line from
      waiting too long.
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