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1342Re: [pittscomicon] Re: Had a blast at Comicon

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  • G.W.
    Apr 28, 2008
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      Overall the show was good, and the costume contest was a blast, but I
      still miss the people who had a huge booth with nothing but tons of
      t-shirts. And maybe it's just the market this year, but it seemed like
      only one vendor had any gaming merchandise, and it was very little at

      On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 9:25 AM, Anthony <forgiona@...> wrote:
      > I too had a great con! I met batmiteforever, who has an awesome Batman
      > art collection, and got a nifty color sketch from Todd Smith, who gives
      > something extra in all his pieces. Holly and Jim were a welcome return
      > this year, and will hopefully make it back soon.
      > Friday seemed a little slow, especially early in the day when many of
      > the artists hadn't arrived yet. The warm weather, construction on the
      > east parkway, Penguins and Pirates games couldn't have helped
      > attendance this year. Saturday was pretty robust, the isles were full
      > and even David Prowse had a nice line.
      > The costume contest was fun, but where were all the stormtroopers &
      > Darthvaders? I didn't see one (not counting the children) even though
      > David was at the con. I wanted a pic with Dave & some troopers :(
      > Looking forward to the big show next years -
      > Anthony
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