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134sal buscema charity sketches on ebay by jerks

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  • collector1204
    Apr 25, 2005
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      i think everyone shoudl bug the piss out of the guys sellin the sal
      buscema sketches on ebay right now! sal asked for a donation to make a
      wish foundation and he would draw you a sketch. lines were huge and
      they even went thru askin people to get out of line if they already
      had a sketch . so today i see 3 sketches from the pitt con from sal on
      ebay all "to keith".
      i sent them a message saying i hope they donated 75.00 a sketch
      because those were to raise money for make a wish foundation. then
      these low lifes try to make a profit off of them!1 im soo ticked. i
      think it said daggets comics and they advertise they ht shows.i think
      these might be the idiots that took all the batman posters and
      programs and prints and got lines backed up with 100's of signings.
      it ruined the whole show for me.