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1320Re: [pittscomicon] Re: Original art collectors?

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  • James Rowe
    Apr 24 3:03 PM
      I was just at Gene's web site and he will not be there this year.
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      I also get something by Gene every year. Great artist and a great
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      > I have been getting sketches of the original Huntress where and
      when I
      > can. I also have been buying art from the Wonder Woman back-up
      > and Infinity Inc. pages. I got a GREAT Huntress sketch from Gene
      > Gonzales around two years ago. He has great line work, anyone
      > for a great sketch should talk to Gene. Gotta agree with 'mite,
      > hopefully, Jim will be doing some sketches as well, I would love to
      > get a Huntress from him.
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      yahoogroups. com, "batmiteforever"
      > <batmiteforever@ > wrote:
      > >
      > > Me too..I collect Batman and other Gotham characters. I know
      > > you mean about getting characters that they worked on but it's
      > > fun to get their take on a character you havent seen them do as
      > > well. I would love to get a Tex Batman and Balent Catwoman.
      > > crossed :)

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