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132I have some complaints about the show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • the_man_happy2002
    Apr 25, 2005
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      Hey everyone I also had a great time at the show ,but I do have some
      complaints not too many though.Who the hell is the one dudes that took
      like 50 of the batman posters getting them all signed.Those guies piss
      mee off hard core.They are there for one reason and that is too get
      things sold!!!!!they all those posters on Fridat,and like 20 programs a
      piece.I just want to tell them they are assholes ,and I hope you read
      this or get wind of it.They either work the show or something and get
      those exibitor passes and beat the rest of us in (assholes).The reason
      I say this is because I am a true fan I go up to Mark Texera to get a
      book signed,and he has this sign hanging up on the back cartain on a
      8x10 or a 5x7 paper like I would know to look for it saying not
      signing,now get this in mind hes sitting there not doing nothing,and I
      only have 1 book to get signed ,and he says "do you see my sign" .I am
      like ok hate to bother you ,and put the book back in the bag,and
      leave.I leave for 10 minn go back buy and you got those guies getting
      like 20 books signed ,and hes all nice to them.What a dick!!!!! I go to
      hooters to eat later that night and those guies are there eating I tell
      my friend if they get waitied on before us I am going off. LOL am I the
      only one that had a bad experience like this,but other than that The
      show was great ................HAPPY
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