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  • evilash05
    Apr 25, 2005
      I went on saturday and had the awesome suprise of actuly bumping in to
      Tom Savini luckily i had a camera on me so I got a picture with him. I
      was also happy to get some of my favorite comics signed by George
      Perez, Ron Garney, J.G. Jones, John Livesay, Tom Smith, and Howard
      Porter. I was at first bummed out that Micheal Turner wasnt there but
      when I found out his cancer came back I felt really bad and hope he
      recovers soon. I was glad that my little bro came dressed as Batman he
      was a huge hit because everyone wanted to get a picture with him and
      he's only 3! Last I finaly got one of the movies I've been dying to
      get: 1991's Captain America! It sucks that its only once a year, I
      guess i'll have to wait next year. But at least the pittsburgh Toy
      show is coming up in July then in December and since I'm like 20 mins.
      away from Monroeville I guess I'll go.