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  • norvandell
    Apr 24, 2005
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      I have to say thanks to Space Ghost and one other who stopped by my
      table, who I hate to say I could not remember. That was due to a lack
      of sleep from my car stay, but this guy had a wicked scare on his
      arm, so if your reading this, sorry I forgot your name but I think
      you could understand why. There may have been two others, but at my
      age I'm lucky to remember what I had for breakfast.

      Ghost your painting will be coming soon.

      I got 2 jobs out of this years con, which is more than the last few
      cons put together.

      I was able Friday and Saturday night to find a room with the guys
      from Digital Webbing. GW Fisher and Jamal were the coolest.

      By the way, Weaver never showed up to apologize, guess he was too
      scared to be a man. He may have too, but who cares.

      See you all next year.

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