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1251I'm offering a deal for you YAHOO peeps at the con!

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  • Adam Talley
    Apr 15, 2008
      Hey folks!

      ADAM TALLEY here, guest at this year's con. I was there last year and
      I am totally jonesed for it this year. I am known for my comic
      PLEASANT LIFE and many others. I run idiothead.com where I showcase my
      art and related projects.

      At the con I'm offering a special deal for you folks on the board
      here. I am offering $5.00 off my 11x17 original art pieces by simply
      coming to me and saying you read this message on the yahoo group board
      and gave me the code word phrase!

      the "code word phrase" is: "CHUCK NORRIS IS THE MAN!"

      Just come up to me and say that phrase and you got yourself $5.00 off
      any 11x17 piece I am offering. Either premade, sequential pages or
      even COMMISSIONS!!!!! Just an offer for you fine folks here.

      Let me also say that I appreciate this group, its positive comments at
      the show coming up and your support for the show and the artists
      there. I know that despite whatever unpleasantness has happened
      before, we're gonna rock the house and have a great time at the show!
      hope to see you all there. If nothing else, just pop by and say HI!

      Very much looking forward to seeing you all there!

      Cheers, ADAM T.

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