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1220Re: Allow me to defend myself here

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  • axxinjaxxin
    Mar 26, 2008
      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "axxinjaxxin" <axxinjaxxin@...>
      > Since some of you have taken that I work for another con or are
      > shilling for another con, allow me to clear a few things up.
      > First of all, I can't stand Tekkoshocon. They did me wrong a few
      > years back. And by stating that they're juvenile, I'm simply stating
      > that PC attendees might not have a good time there as the con's
      > average age of attendee is around 15-18 years old.
      > Second, my comment about "shoulder to shoulder" simply stated that
      > Comicon gets a little cramped, especially on Saturday. That's not
      > necessarily a bad thing. And my going to Steel City has nothing to do
      > with Comicon. By my stating you get better bargains, just simply
      > means I do more shopping at Steel City than at Comicon. Myself, much
      > like everyone else's, wallets only go so far. And my "shoulder to
      > shoulder" comment actually stems from a comment made to me two years
      > ago when we were playing cards in the Penthouse and the Devil's Due
      > party was going on and you couldn't move in there (free alcohol anyone?)
      > Third, I played in Mike George's poker game here in Johnstown when we
      > had the game on Saturday nights at Comics World. I have no ill will
      > towards anyone at the con or our game. And to those of you who think
      > I've never been at Comicon, I've been attending for six years now with
      > the exception of last year, because I was working in Maryland,
      > covering a mine tragedy in Barton.
      > I don't see any reason why we can't have three comic book/anime/toy
      > shows in Pittsburgh. I'm all for it. And those of you were reading
      > waaaaay too deeply into my past posts, I apologize if I misled you. I
      > have no hidden agenda.
      > That being said, only one month to go to Comicon. And I hope to see
      > you all there.

      Pardon for the double post, but I think I need to add one thing. My
      post about Comicon moving to another location came from Tekkoshocon's
      website directly, about how they had to move to another location about
      demolition and reconstruction at the Radisson/ExpoMart. Tekkoshocon
      was scheduled to take place two weeks before Comicon at the Rad/Expo,
      and my thought was that if they were getting kicked out because of one
      tower of the hotel being demolished and part of the Expomart being
      torn down, chances were that they would do the same to us as we were
      after Tekko. Again, my apologies to the folks who didn't follow that
      line of thinking.
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