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1216Re: [pittscomicon] Re: who going to the Steel City Con. and/or Tekkoshocon

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  • Jim Balent Studios
    Mar 25, 2008
      I taught pre-K
      I know the spectrum of kid reactions!
      5-6yrs is the best!
      : D
      the Models at Parsons school of design were all
      gorgeous/ male & female
      if you do visit ask me about when I had my first 'male' model
      in an 'grown up's' painting class
      ,when I was 13...I nearly fainted!
      its funny!

      Andrew Harmon wrote:


      To be fair, the models I did anatomy drawings from at Pittsburgh looked nothing like what I see at the Con ;)

      In additiona, my son blushes every time he asks for a chicken "breast" LOL

      On Tue Mar 25 14:31 , Jim Balent Studios sent:

      when I was 11 I tok life drawing at the Art Student's League
      of NYC...I turned out okay :-P
      But everyone has their own path ;-)

      Andrew Harmon wrote:

      "The other thing that I don't know that anyone else has posted about

      is that I really appreciate the fact that I have 2 children and feel
      so comfortable that they can roam all around the show without me, and
      be safe and have a ton of fun!"

      While I'm certainly not knocking the Con by any means, I sometimes feel a bit uncomfortable walking past certain (usually fantasy/pinup) artists with my kids where they can see the near next-to-nothing artwork (sometimes nudes with yellow pasties over the areas). Admittedly, *I* like seeing the work, but when kids are in tow (ages 11 and 6) and want to see the entire floor, it can be a bit uncomfortable. And as much as I would like to let my kids go see what they like without me, I'm not that free-spirited.

      But we make due as we can.

      Andrew (hoping to go this year)

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