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1208Re: who going to the Steel City Con. and/or Tekkoshocon

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  • comiconguy
    Mar 25, 2008
      Hey Folks,

      Let me get one quick word in. First let me say how much the show
      appreciates the Fan Board created by Kirisawa Fuko. We love the fact
      that there are so many posters that are passionate about the
      Pittsburgh Comicon. Our official policy with the board has always
      been a fairly hands-off approach. I post our updates here, but I
      don't get on and argue every criticism raised about the show because,
      frankly, constructive criticism is always welcomed. I've read every
      message ever posted on the site and because of the fan boards we have
      implemented changes. This year's costume contest will have some
      expanded categories and some additional judges of varying backgrounds
      based solely on the feedback from the fansite. (more on that as soon
      as we hash out all the details) We are always interested in what you
      all have to say and generally I have always found the site to be
      respectful and insightful. I agree with Ed and others that
      axxinjaxxin's post seemed to have an agenda of steering people away
      from the con with no real constructive criticism to it. Whether that
      is what he intended, I have no way of knowing but that is something I
      would prefer to avoid, but as far as the Comicon is concerned, we
      consider this, Your site and we prefer to let things shake out with-in
      the construct of the members themselves, which is exactly what
      happened in this instance. From what I read today, it seems as if
      everyone has returned to a common ground and that makes us happy,
      because we consider all of you a big part of the Comicon Family.

      Again let me thank you all for your passion for the Pittsburgh Comicon.
      I will continue to post updates here first for you all to see, and I
      will continue to read every message posted to get your feedback.

      I can't wait to see you all in April.

      And Lastly (i know i said this would be one quick word, but anyone
      that knows me knows that is impossible),

      I want to thank bsimon9427 for his service to our country and I think
      I speak for everyone when I say we all hope and pray for your quick
      and safe return!!!!

      Patrick A. Thomas
      Marketing Director-Pittsburgh Comicon
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