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1202Re: who going to the Steel City Con. and/or Tekkoshocon

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  • lothk67
    Mar 24, 2008
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      Well,  I am copying the front paragraph of the home page of this forum:

      This is a group for fans and attendees of the yearly Pittsburgh Comicon located at the Expomart and Radisson in Monroeville PA. Visit the official site at www.pittsburghcomicon.com All discussion concerning the past cons is welcome, praise as well as gripes. Also welcome is talk about future cons, the guests, events, dealers, meeting other fans, advice on costumes, ect. And feel free to talk about anything else related to the fandom in Pittsburgh, such as local comic book creators, local sci-fi series fans groups, or local comic shops. Have fun and play nice! "

      Now, having pasted that, I do not agree with your review of the poster's comments.  He or she was directly stating that they would not be attending the con due to the fact that there is only "Shoulder to Shoulder" space and "Better Deals" at the other con.  That is not a constructive criticism of the show that any coordinator reading the posts could possibly do anything about.

      If the poster would have only posted that they are currently unhappy with the Pitts Comicon due to the fact that it is busy and in addition, the dealers tend to not offer low enough deals for him/her without bringing up another convention in the area for comparison, then that falls into your description.

      But that is not what was done, those "gripes" were made to show people that if you do not like a busy con, if you want better deals from dealers...then follow his/her lead and go to Steel City...that is what the poster said.  I am sorry you cannot see it that way.

      Therefore, my post is to people who may not be fans and attendees of the Pittsburgh Comicon and missed that part of the Home Description.  According to the description, that is the basis for posting.  If you are a fan of other conventions such as Steel City, then please post on their forum as to what you like about their show and why you are attending their show or what you dislike about other shows that makes you want to attend theirs.

      You even state that "it seems to you,  it is the person's opinion as to why they are attending another show"....that is not part of the description on the home page.  It does not say this group is for posters who want to state their opinion of why they will not be attending Pittsburgh Comicon and want to attend another competing con in the area!  (that would be just ridiculous to have wouldn't you agree?)

      No one else has done that from what I have read here.  Someone simply posted a question as to whether or not any other fans and attendees that are part of this group will also be going to two other shows in the area.  They did not ask "Why are you going to other shows and not Pittsburgh this year?"  Other people also responded as to where they may be going and why, if they will be in the city, if they are ready etc.  No one else felt the need to say anything about the Pitts show that turned them off and therefore they will go elsewhere. (if they had, I would be commenting to them too)

      Lastly, I wanted to comment about some research I did that responds to something Ed Beard said.  I learned from Patrick Thomas that this forum has only recently been linked from the Pittsburgh Comicon official site and really is not controlled or moderated in any official capacity by the Pittsburgh Comicon staff.  Ed appeared to be quite shocked that the moderator would come forward in defence of a rather negative comment, especially in trying times.

      -Thanks again.



      --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "Kirisawa Fuko" <fuko_chan@...> wrote:
      > Your friendly neighborhood mod here...this place has always been open
      > to both praise and gripes of the con. As it says (and always has) on
      > our main Yahoo page. If problems aren't brought up for discussion,
      > they may never be improved. Just wanted to clarify that.
      > What was being stated there, seems to me to be an opinion of someone's
      > personal preference as a reason for attending another show. They
      > weren't even really griping, and far from outright insulting the con
      > or saying anyone shouldn't attend it for those reasons.
      > --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "lothk67" lothk67@ wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi All, I have been a lurker for some time and hate to start my
      > > posting on this group with a rant but...here goes!
      > >
      > > I think that "axxinjaxxin" should get his/her own group where you can
      > > post negatives about any show you want. It seems to me that the
      > > thread here was started to just find out if others are going to those
      > > shows. I did not read where anyone else promoted those other shows by
      > > talking down about Pittsburgh Comicon. Maybe I didn't read far back
      > > enough?
      > >
      > > Either way, if you don't like the Pittsburgh Comicon, find somewhere
      > > else to post your opinion, this Forum is for the Pittscomicon for
      > > information about the show, meet-ups, etc. and not for possible
      > > leeches who want to pull people away from Pittsburgh Comicon to go to
      > > a competitor's show.
      > >
      > > Of course, the funniest part is that you talk about how there is only
      > > shoulder to shoulder room at Pittsburgh Comicon....that right there
      > > tells me it must be a GREAT show and what a TERRIFIC time I would
      > > have there! If that many people are filling the place up, then they
      > > must know where to go to have a fun time. Also, it must be something
      > > the vendors and artists on this forum must love to hear!!! What
      > > potential guest or vendor wouldn't love to know there will be that
      > > many people!
      > >
      > > As far as cost....well, I learned a long time ago from my parents who
      > > were penny pinchers this very good cliche', YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY
      > > FOR. Cheaper never means better.
      > >
      > > So, thanks to the moderator for having this group where all of us
      > > Pittsburgh Comicon followers who love the show and can't wait to be
      > > there can talk about it.
      > >
      > > --- In pittscomicon@yahoogroups.com, "axxinjaxxin" <axxinjaxxin@>
      > > wrote:
      > > >
      > > > Tekkoshocon is for a much younger crowd than Comicon. Too many
      > > > teenagers around for my liking. I won't be
      > > > there. But I'm definitely going to Steel City. They have better
      > > > bargains there than Comicon, in my opinion, and you're not shoulder
      > > to
      > > > shoulder all day.
      > > >
      > >

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