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1176Re: [pittscomicon] Re: Other facts about Michael George murder trial- Ed Beard Jr.

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  • Jim Balent Studios
    Mar 18, 2008

      norvandell wrote:

      Ed brings up a lot of interesting points, and for those, I feel that
      with a stronger defence strategy, Mike will win out on appeal.

      I still can't get over the the DA in this case. Remember what
      happened in the Duke rape case?, someone sounds like they're trying
      to make a name for themselves in the courts, at the expence of a good

      Who cares about Mikes personal life, I don't. He has only ever been
      good to me, as Renee has also. I don't judge a person on the past,
      only what they show me in the present.

      As a guest, and as I stated before, as long as the show goes on, I'll
      be there. I think it should go on.

      I'll see you there Ed.

      Tod Allen Smith
      Altoona Pa.

      --- In pittscomicon@ yahoogroups. com, "Ed Beard Jr."
      <artofedbeard@ ...> wrote:
      > Hey folks,
      > Fantasy Artist Ed Beard Jr here. I just signed up as a member ( to
      > think I have been a guest at Pittsburgh for 15 years and never
      > here??)
      > Be warned this is a long RANT. Please excuse the spelling,
      > punctuation etc. it's late and this is just a casual forum so
      > focus or debate the content and not the grammar.
      > -Thanks
      > My wife Kelly and I have known Mike and Renee and their children
      > since 1992. Our kids are about the same age and we have personally
      > backed every thing they have ever done in this industry. Mike and
      > Renee are the reason that PCC is what it is today. NO promoter has
      > ever treated their guest artists as good as Mike and Renee. No One
      > has been as great a support to needy kids via Make-A-Wish. No One
      > been so generous to the CBLDF and the genre in general.
      > On a personal level Mike and Renee are outstanding citizens of
      > PA with Mike's community involvement with children second to none.
      > Now lets say my wife and I pretend that we have never met Mike and
      > Renee before and since last August we read in the papers, the
      > theatrical headlines portraying a Murderous adulterer, who killed
      > wife to collect insurance money and sweep his mistress off to PA
      > MI some 18 years ago....? This might just make us think we was
      > hearing the Friday night suspense drama on television or the latest
      > Star or Inquirer magazine headlines.
      > Ah but then None of the accurate facts are presented and only an
      > overzealous prosecutors concocted circumstantial evidence is
      > what then might Jon Q Public think if one did not know the other
      > of the story...hmmm. My guess would be what everyone of those
      > thought, and the general public who has been waiting with bated
      > breath for the Dateline NBC movie of the week special on the whole
      > ordeal. Guilty!
      > Now that the trial is over, I would like to offer that which the
      > media failed to mention. Facts that John Q public has not been
      > to. These are just a few of the general facts that were suppose to
      > brought out by Mike's defense attorney for the jurors to hear. This
      > info was shared in conversations with Mike, Renee and I. I was
      > not to offer this info until after the trial as it should have
      > resulted in this case getting thrown out. I am not sure how much of
      > this was covered or allowed to be presented as defense evidence,
      > it should make all of us think hard about the outcome of Mike
      > 1. Mike NEVER owned or possessed any weapons in his entire life
      > alone used one. The only weapon that were ever transferred to his
      > estate for a brief period of time was from his father's death and
      > estate which was immediately sold to a legitimate buyer and gun
      > owner. This weapon was not even manufactured until years after the
      > death of Barbara.
      > 2. When the murder took place there were several detectives who
      > interviewed witnesses that were there that day at the comic shop.
      > of those witnesses stated that they saw a suspicious person hanging
      > around the back or side of the building that day. Both identified
      > this person as someone who NEVER was seen before. Yet this
      > was never brought up by the prosecution or as evidence 18 years ago.
      > 3. Mike's mother, neighbors, and his 4 year old daughter stated and
      > remember that day vividly testifying that Mike was home all day and
      > at the time of the murder.
      > 4. The original coroners report claimed that there was only one
      > bullet fired and that nothing else was found at the scene ( the
      > shop) yet when Mike's current Defense Attorney and former MI
      > prosecutor for that District at that time, looked at the 18 year
      > file, low and behold there was the investigators statement claiming
      > they found additional bullets lodged in the wall of the stock room
      > and else ware.
      > Yet the prosecution claimed there was no sign of a robbery or
      > in and that it was strictly a one shot execution style hit.
      > This statement alone contradicts the news report. By the way, the
      > cheif at the time was none other than the current prosecutors DAD!
      > Like incompetent Father… like son.
      > 5. Then enters stage LEFT this comic book buyer who claims he was a
      > regular customer of Mike and Renee's (though none seem to recall
      > hanging out as he has claimed) testifying that several years after
      > the murder he could positively identify and knows that the comics
      > that were claimed stolen from Comics World the night of the murder
      > were the same ones that Mike sold on Ebay years later. WOW this
      > must be a psychic Superhero as he has such amazing powers that he
      > identify one single copy out of thousands that are sold on the
      > everyday in this industry. Another of this Prosecutors ROCK SOLID
      > 6. None of the Detectives that investigated the Murder at the time
      > ever checked Mike for gun shot residue, never found a murder weapon.
      > 7. The DA prosecutor provides former friends of Barbara as
      > (just a wee bit of conflict of interest) to testify that Barbara
      > Mike were arguing all the time.
      > 8. The DA Prosecutor brings forth a new witness, a former employer
      > an adjacent business who testifies that she "clearly" remembers
      > Mike and Barbara were arguing July 13 and that their tone of voice
      > was more elevated than prior arguments that she eves dropped upon.
      > This coming from a person who was never questioned nor felt her
      > amazing memory was important 18 years ago.....yet this is the DA's
      > ACE in the hole!!
      > Now think people, just for a moment lets pretend we actually have a
      > TRUE fair and constitutionally run system of Justice and we are not
      > being tried in GITMO shall we. A person is supposed to be "INOCENT"
      > until proven guilty. The evidence must be more than circumstantial
      > and give reasonable persons the ability to remove any doubt that
      > there may be another explanation. The Juror is supposed to not
      > character, emotional or personal beliefs cloud the factual
      > of the evidence before them.
      > Then we wake up today.... the real world and a real jury in ass
      > backward MI, where 8 women and 4 men listen to the soap opera that
      > this DA performs for them...It goes something like this:
      > Wife cheating adulterer having an affair with hired help plots to
      > kill wife, pretend that it was a break in, collect the insurance
      > money and then skip the state to go live in PA.... Well folks
      > Mike did cheat on his former wife or not, whether he did fall in
      > with Renee or not, is "irrelevant" to the issue of guilty or
      > of whether Mike George killed his wife with a gun, period. Ah but
      > then I forget we don't live in a country where true fair and
      > equitable justice is served.
      > How the heck can anyone in their right mind have come up with a
      > guilty verdict more over 1st degree Murder No less based on this
      > of hear-say.
      > We live in a country that is ruled by elitists and fascists that
      > defecate on our constitution and bill of rights and more important
      > and more powerful than all of those demons is the John Q Public.
      > These are the most egregious who would sit on a jury and allow
      > themselves to be entertained by the DA's award winning performance
      > for Dateline NBC and loose all sense of reality and destroy a man
      > his family with a guilty verdict, just because it "sounds" like a
      > plausible course of action.
      > Be warned all of you married couple, who GOD forbid, argue a little
      > to loud so that your nosebag neighbor over hears, Someday you to
      > be the unfortunate victim of a break in or hit and 18 years later
      > there may be the same overzealous DA looking to make a name for
      > himself. You may just be the next Dateline NBC movie of the week.
      > Disgusted... with society
      > P.S. We "WILL" be attending PCC this April and "WILL" continue to
      > fight and support Mike and Renee George until someone actually
      > provides a shred of proof that he is guilty.
      > Ed Beard Jr.

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