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117Re: So how was the 1st day?

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  • baldalbinoyeti
    Apr 22, 2005
      me and my friends didn't get to the con until about 2:00. we were up
      all night waiting to go pickup a friend at the train station and when
      we finally got home, it was around 5:30 and we didn't get to bed
      around 6:30. Anywho, the first day for me was pretty sweet. Me and my
      friends went as Ghostbusters (I was the really tall blond guy, in
      case you were wondering). of course, we all had to get an autograph
      and picture with Ernie Hudson. He's a really cool, nice guy in my
      Also, you should all buy a copy of "Deep Fried" from Jason Yungbluth
      (also a really cool, nice guy. fuckin hillarious, too). I'll be going
      as Coop from "Megas XLR" tomorrow. Sunday, I'll be going as Freddy
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